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Ted Jolda

Hey, How ya' doin? So curious huh?
Well, what do you want to know?

What's Ted reading right now
I am mostly going through magazines right now from Fine Home Building. I am planning a major rebuild/addition to the homestead in the next year or two and enjoying the planning stage. A little treat I am looking forward to going from one to 3.5 bathrooms!!!! Yahooo!

What Music does Ted like?
I like most music from classical to Jazz to contemporary rock, (Rap is not music so I do not like nor dislike it as music) I am currently enjoying  "Stars" a Canadian group. Their current and wonderful album is "In the bedroom, after the war" Now I have to buy their earlier works.

What is the most recent new and wonderful thing Ted's made in the kitchen?
Dulce de leche, WOW. super easy and super tasty, I'll be posting the recipe for that soon.

What's the coolest thing in Ted's garden right now?
The fall is on it's way right now and the garden is starting to wind down, Second batch of rasberries is starting to ripen

What is Ted doing in the studio these days?
Party cup party cups and more party cups OH ya and ornaments is a spare sec'

Why does Ted look like a model in some of the photo's?
Well as a hobby and to help a friend, Tara, who is a hair stylist. She needs models from time to time and does the pictures. Wow, some of them are stunning. My partner in this is Amy, A brilliant stunningly beautiful young woman who gets to play Beauty to my Beast. I make her look even more beautiful. Ya' it's a tough job but someone's got to do it.