The Lescous

They appeared one day in the studio, a brave scout and a bold follower, and then a few more arrived once the first ones determined it was safe. Upon initial observation, their curiosity seems to lead them to seek out new environments, which is how I imagine they sought out the studio. Although I am unsure of why the studio appeals to them so much, the lescou do look comfortable here and seem to be settling in.

Conversations ensue as they nestle in corners, perch on shelves, peer around edges, and peek over objects. Their whimsical nature is evident, as is their undeniable curiosity.

They are adventurous creatures, but they do approach the world with caution. They venture out individually but are more comfortable in pairs, groups or families. The groups then form a larger herd, giving the lescous a sense of belonging and community.

They have traveled to the house and have migrated to the fireplace mantle. Upon this they sit, confidently looking down and around. This vantage point allows the lescous to watch over the room and surrounding area. Others, who seem more timid, like to tuck themselves away behind pieces of furniture. They are almost unnoticed, until I take a sideways glance, and catch them out of the corner of my eye.

The lescous treat each other tenderly, with care and affection, huddling together and drawing each other near. Their interactions and conversations are quite expressive, as is their distinctive call. Their presence is comforting, and I enjoy their company.